Friday, November 30, 2007

Can you believe I am actually working on my blog site. Life has been AGGGGGGGGGH. But we are getting back to normal. This first picture is the girls at a fall party dressed up as a princess and dinosaur. Every time that I told Sammi that she was a dinosaur she would roar at me. Bethany would twrill till she wanted to fall down.

The next picture is of our Thanksgiving. My Dad and brother and wife came down and the tenants upstairs ate with us at 12:00. My picture is off from my camera. The girls were very excitied about having everyone at our house for eating.

This is the newest member of our doggie family. Her name is Princess. She is half beagle and half Jack Russel terrier. We got the dumbest halves of both breeds. We got her after we went to NY for church camp after one of our puppies met her demise.