Friday, October 31, 2008

I had to post about my niece that has entered a contest with Velveeta. She has the chance to win a couple great prizes go over to to see the enteries. Melanie is my niece, the last girl on the line.
She also likes to give things away in contest on her blog site This week she is giving away a DVD where your childs face is put into the video from a picture and then a story is told to help teach ABC's. I think my youngest daughter will really like this for Christmas. You know how much kids love to look at their own pictures.
Only 5 more days and we will have our ultrasound. If the baby cooperates we will find out what we are having. We really haven't decided if we are going to tell people what we are having. When people ask us that question Earl just laughs and says that I won't be able to keep it to myself. 15 years together and he is propably right.
We did trick or treating last night. Beth was a princess, Sammi a pizza (her choice, Homemade costume). We get one hour to run through town getting the candy. They blow the fire whistle and the surge begins. We only have about 500 - 600 people in whole town and we usually get 350 kids in one hour rushing for candy. This was the first year that I took the kids I always had to work at the auction. Neither kid was very excitied to go up to strangers and get candy, though they did say thank you without me prompting very often. After a while Sammi said that I could hold her bag "but don't eat any". At the end of the hour the whistle sounds again to let people know that they are done. My church has not only candy for the kids but we also have chili and crackers and peanut butter sandwhiches. Yes, down here dipping pb sandwiches in our chili is consider good eating. I did a whole loaf of bread with peanut butter for the sandwiches then they didn't use them because they didn't see them in the corner, so Earl's lunch today was pb sandwiches and also ours. Sammi loves the sanwiches but Beth hates them. And I have reached the time in my pregnancy that I have heartburn and peanut butter doesn't help.
I will post pictures later of the girls (AGAin I can't find my camera)(It's too small).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We went to Bob Evans Farm Festival for Beth's birthday. Smokey the Bear was there. Sammi wasn't even afraid. We went with our friends the Tomacks and had a great day. We took Beth to Ponderosa that night and the food was good.

The favorite activity was getting to ride the horses

This is Sammi's first time riding a horse she has sit on one before but not actually rode one.

When Sammi saw this horse she shouted "Look Mommy a Zebra" We never did convince her that it was just a horse.

The girls liked the wagon rides also! But wouldn't go with Earl and me they wanted to go with our friends.
Bob Evans has a hole in the hill that the people can look and see what an old time coal mine would look like, even has the rails for the cars to go into, but no one is allowed inside.
Beth is always palying with her sister's hair of head of face when I want to take a picture, usually I catch her but I didn't this time. That's the reason for the ponytail swinging widly

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Bethany Rachelle
Beaner Bop

We love you very much!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

We got to go to the musuem a couple of Sat. ago. Here are the 3 pictures that I took. I was usually busy telling Sammi 'don't touch the glass baby doll. It will break". She has really been into her babies lately, then in the next five minutes she brings me a babydoll bottle and wants to pretend she is the baby and I have to feed her.

This was taken in one of the rooms that was used for guest to sleep overnight, the musuem used to be an inn. One of the room's info paper said that if they had a lot of guest to stay overnight the guest would be asked to sleep from side to side instead of head to foot, so that there would be more room for everyone. Can you imagine? I would rather sleep in the wagon. Women had their room and the men had their own room, even 2 or more families could have been put in one room(with the men sleeping in the mens room). Prpbably my favorite thing to explain to Beth was the chamber pot, now there is a picture that I missed.

The girls always love fountains, notice the baby in Sammi's hand.

One of the things they showed that day was weaving with a loom. This lady actually has her own loom at her home and makes rugs.

Earl has been switched to another job at work. He is now working with research and development, he usually has to be to work at 4:30am and doesn't get home until 7:00pm The girls are not liking it because he usually comes home eats, does computer then goes and "lays" on the bed(goes to sleep), Beth really is having a rough time. Beth is doing good in her homeschool except if I have to teach another story about creation and Adam and Eve I'll scream. Out of her 7 subjects four of them started with Creation and Adam and Eve and that included 5 days of creation and then 5 days of Adam/Eve sinning. Beth asked me the other day if they did that because they didn't think she would be able to get it. I told they just want to make sure you know where you came from and how sin came into the world. Beth replied"I know already can we get on with it".
The little church that we attended for a while is in revival with Bro.
James Sutherland and his wife this week. We went one night and I think we are going tonight.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday, again our little one wanted his/her picture taken. Yes the outside heartbeat could not be heard with their machine, so they had to do a ultrasound. It was so cute the baby was wiggling his/her arms and legs and moving the head. The heartbeat was fine, but we coudn't see any parts. Nov 5th I have to go and have a scheduled ultrasound and if the baby cooperates we will find out what the baby's gender is. Earl is planning on taking a personal day so he can be there too.
Tomorrow the Church of the Nazarene is planning a 100 year celebration. Every church worldwide is supposed to receive communion at the same time and have a big celebration. In our church the children are putting on a play, Beth is in it and has one line that she has to say. Then afterwards we are having lunch in the fellowship hall and different things.
We went to a Fall picnic last night. It was a little chilly but not that bad.