Friday, January 30, 2009

Well our family was hit with a lovely stomach bug that left me dehydrated and off to the hospital for an overnight visit. I lost 5 lbs in 2 days. I went to the hospital because I had a horrible headache and blurry vision, but only needed to be hydrated. I'm still not feeling like running a marathon but there is no place like home. Only about 46-50 days to go.
A friend of mine told me that she is going to throw me a baby shower on March 7th. So I am trying to think about that rather than Suzy's birthday. We had a snow storm on Tues. this week and according to the news we might have another one on Mon. Even though the storm was bad for this area but once you have lived in the Adirondacks it takes a pretty bad storm to get worried. You just stock up and hibernate. Beth is chomping at the bit because she still has to do school even if the public schools have snow days she is crying NO FAIR. haha. Though with being sick for 3 days I haven't been able to do much. Beth cried when I couldn't be home last night Sammi didn't even seem to care which is how I wish Beth had been, because it is very hard to do anything about it when the Dr has put you in the hospital. Though I think I need to have a plan for when Suzy is born. Any ideas?? Other than shipping the girls to relatives haha
Earl, Sammi, and Beth had the stomach bug but I seem to get it the worst which is no surprise because of my body being busy with growing Suzy, and the little stinker had been very quiet for 3 days then when I got sick I swear she loved the noises that come with the bug because she was as active as she had ever been. In fact this is the 2nd time that I have had the stomach flu in 1 month and both times Suzy has acted like it was dancing music. When at the hospital they did the non-stress test and had a hard time getting Suzy to stay in one postion so that they could monitor her heartbeat, she kept rolling and moving. In fact one nurse said that she thought Suzy might be breach, we'll see on Wed with the ultrasound.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I had my prenatal visit with my Dr. on Wed and decided that I wasn't going to confront him with his comment about the children. I am just going to take the girls from now on and then when a comment comes up deal with it then. I don't want to switch Dr because I really only have about 51 days left till Miss Suzy comes. My blood pressure seems to want to play the numbers game this pregnancy. I usually run 110/70 but this time it was 138/ 80 and when I was at Walmart last night I checked it and it was 156/84. My blood sugars are still running rampant and I am going to the Dr every 2 weeks. Next time I have an ultrasound at 11:00, my diabetes Dr at 1:00 and my OBGYN at 2:15 with a non-stress test after the OBGYN and yes the girls are probably going to have to come. Sammi should be in rare form by the time we get to the OBGYN's appt, after spending 3 hours in the hospital. hahaha.
In my heart I realize that this is the last pregnancy for me and I really should be treasuring it, but I am SO done. I can't wait for little Suzy to be here and neither can Beth. Sammi seems to taking it in stride. We really wanted Earl to not have to take off vacation time when Suzy comes but I told him that it would make me the most comfortable if he would be the help at home for the first week. And I think that the girls would like it also. My friend Jenny has said that she would help too, but she has her own family to take care of, so I don't want to put to much pressure on her.
I got anxious the other day and started making list of what we need to get for Suzy and what we need to get done before she comes and what I will need at the hospital. When I showed Earl the list he read them and then as he walked away he was mumbling something about nesting and being drove crazy. hehe. I really do feel sorry for him the week before I go to the hospital, getting all the meals/food that we will need, making sure the the clothes are all caught up, cleaning the house ect... The boy better work some overtime to keep his sanity. I am going to let Beth take 1 or 2 weeks off from her school work when Suzy comes unless I feel ok she is looking forward to that. I teased Earl and told him that he would have to be the substitute teacher but was told strongly that Beth could take the 2 weeks off. I think the one thing that always seemed to take all my time the last couple of times was feeding the baby and I LOVE to just hold the baby and snuggle especially the first couple of weeks. I kind of like to be the only one taking care of her (diapers, washing, feeding) but I have my other girls to think of this time.
So that is the update from prego world and the rest of the clan.

Friday, January 02, 2009

I am 28 weeks along as of today. I only have 10 1/2 weeks to go, because my Dr will take the baby around March 17th due to a previous c-section and the diabetes. I now have to go to the Dr every 2 weeks for a while then every week. We will do another ultrasound in one month and start doing the non-stress tests.
Earl got to meet the Dr more today and it was not a good impression. My Dr might be very smart for a Dr but his bedside manner with the girls especially Sammi is not going well. In fact the Dr told me today that next time I can't bring them. I was very upset and am still upset tonight about it. Sammi is a total Mommy's girl and was very clingy today while the Dr and I were talking about questions that I have, (i.e. she had to go potty and I am the one who takes her so she was insistent that she needed to go, even though Earl was in the room and kept telling me she had to go) I didn't even realize that the Dr was upset until the Dr was rude to Sammi and when Earl left the room to take her to the bathroom and told me that I couldn't bring them next time because he needed to be able to talk to me so that I could understand what he was saying. My biggest problem is that I did understand and continued to talk around Sammi just tuning her out, he was the one with the problem. And I have to admit that I was upset with Earl because the main reason why we all went to the Dr.s together was so that he could help with Sammi and hear what is going on with Suzy (this was the 3rd time he has got to go). I forget that I am used to dealing with Sammi and I usually take things for Beth to help entertain her. It is usually easier on my own.
So now I am trying to figure out what to say to the Dr, because I can't just call up someone and have them watch the kids, people work ect.. Besides treat me treat my family. I am just not a happy Mommy tonight. I have to say that I am glad that this will be the last baby for us. One nurse said to bring the girls anyway and tell the Dr to stuff it. Not the best day for a hormonal mother.