Monday, February 23, 2009

If you haven't heard yet then here's the news. We had our little angel last Wed 18th at 8:33 in the morning. She weighed 3lbs 6oz, she was 15.75 inches long and 5 1/2 weeks early.
We had gone for a routine appointment on Tues and Suzy wasn't moving as much and she kept having dips in heart beat. My blood pressure was up and I was spilling protien in my urine. So the Dr sent me to labor and delivery to have an overnight stay of monitoring, but around 6:00pm the on call Dr came and told me that they were sending me to CabellHuntington Hospital because it looked like I was heading for a emergency c-section and Holzer didn't have a NICU. The Dr felt that Suzy would have to have help breathing because she was so little and early. I went by ambulance and the next morning the Dr. told me at 7:15 that we were going in for the c-section. Earl wasn't even here yet so I called him and told him to get here NOW. And they waited for him. Then we had the surgery and Suzy was here. She breathed on her own from the start and keeps her temperature where it should be. She has had no problem with her blood sugar, though she spent 2 days under the frenchfry light for jaundice which has gone from 8 to 4.2. Yesterday the nurses had a premie outfit on her, purple with little butterflies. She was adorable. Her weight had dropped from 3lbs 6oz to 3 lbs now she is up to 3lbs and 3.5 oz. We just have to get her to take all of her feedings from the bottle and for her to gain weight. She takes half of her feedings from bottles right now.
Please keep us all in your prayers and I will blog more later when I can find time. Right now its time for Earl to get here and for me to go feed Suzy. Love you all.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I am getting down to being able to say "Next month Suzy comes". I am also down to every week going to the Dr for Non-stress test. I had my 3 appointments yesterday. Suzy was head down when the ultrasound started but in the middle flipped around to breach. And I have never got to see her profile she always has her face towards my back. You could see fuzzy lines on the ultrasound of her hair near her scalp. They estimated her to be 3lbs and 11 oz. and she is still a girl no question about that. On an interesting spin since I was sick I have not had to take any insulin. Even my Dr is scratching his head. It seems to have shocked my body into behaving at least for this week. I still have to check my blood sugars, now 2 hours after I eat, and if they start spiking I have to call them. I am thankful no matter the reason.
The girls are doing good. We are all wanting warm weather and spring. Sammi loves to be outside even in the middle of a blizzard. She loves the outdoors. Beth doesn't mind it but she wants me to be out there too. We are planning a little while after Suzy comes going to the Columbus Zoo for a family outing. We also want the girls to help plant their own flower pots Sammi has already told me that she wants gardening gloves.
If you haven't noticed I haven't been able to take any pictures since my camrea is broken. I am mostly upset because we won't have a camera for when Suzy is born. You know the most horrible thing is when poeple have asked what I am needing for Suzy I want to answer them "A new camera for pictures" but I behave. My mother may be in heaven but her influence is still VERY strong. Besides I can always but those disposible kind and be very thankful for any pictures that we get. There is a lady at church that is the 'church photographer' I wonder if I can convince the Dr that she needs to be in the O.R. for the birth for my own piece/peace of mind hehe!!
Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for checking in on "As the Belly Grows, So goes the Mind" haha