Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today is Sammi's 4th birthday

This is how she looked this morning when she got up.

Her birthday gifts from us and Aunt Gladys's. Aunt June's came in the mail after pictures. Sammi wanted to put on her new pink stripped out fit right away but I convinced her to wait until tonight at church.
The girls got to go 4-wheeling with my brother Donny. They loved it, we will wait till Suzy is a little bit older for her first ride hehe.
The girls also sang in the Palm Sunday Childrens choir. Sammi even knew the actions to the songs even though she was off a little bit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I can't believe that I forgot to take pictures on Easter. I think the main reason is because I let Beth go to a slumber party on Sat and then we met her at church. Then after church we went to a dinner at my friends house, not to mention that I sang in the Easter cantata Sunday morning. So I am planning on having us all wear our outfits again on Sun. and take pictures.We had planned on trying to go somewhere during Earl's time off, but an unexpected bill came up and so we just stayed home.

The girls and I went to 2 Easter egg hunts on Sat. One of them was at our church. We had 319 people show up, 209 of them being kids. Both Sammi and I were claustrophobic so we stayed away from the crowd as much as we could.

These are 2 pictures of all the people

Not to mention that we had camp meeting at our church for the last week. We only missed one night. I am so glad that we are having a little break before our Revival in May.

The group of kids that we had dinner with on Easter.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The girls got their hair cut for summer. Beth was very happy about how easy it was to brush and Sammi just liked the whole process and has informed everyone that she got her hair cut. Suzy now weighs 6lbs 5oz, 18.5 inches long and is doing well except for congestion and some fussiness. Suzy got a stroller from the Aunts and we have been going walking everyday, today Sammi and I gave it a spin, I think she liked having me to herself.