Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are asking everyone for their prayers right now will give reasons at a later date. Thanks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well no new pictures because no camera. We are busy getting ready for the new school year. Suzy is busy trying new fruits and vegetables, Sammi is busy asking if each passing school bus is her bus and Beth ignores me when I tease her that school starts next week. Earl is busy working what hours he can get.
Last night Sammi fell asleep at 8:30 and Suzy at 9:15. So Beth and I decided to watch a Veggie tale show when Beth opened the cabinet and bent over to pick her movie she banged her head into the corner of the door, now she has a beautiful bruise on her forehead.
We attended the birthday party of one of the kids friends on Saturday. The kids had a blast catching crawdads and minnows. I am afraid that I am one of those Mom's that doesn't freak out when the girls are near water. It could be because I played in the creek growing up and without my Mom telling me I respected the water. (It could also be because I was near by watching like a hawk haha).

Friday, August 07, 2009

I had promised some pictures from our vacation. We have been so busy since we came back that I haven't had the patience to wait on blogger to load them up. SInce we have been home we have gone to 3 VBS, 1 Peenview Quartet concert, 2 Dr appt, 1 fun fest, MANY yard sales haha, and now we are trying to get ready for school. Sammi goes to headstart on Sept 8th and Beth starts back to school the 24th. I am still on my diet (yikes), so far I have lost 17.8 lbs and yes the point whatevers count haha. Around 13 more and I will have lost all of my Suzy weight.

We are at (what we we refer to as ) the duck park. This was the little tykes playground. Beth and the boys let Sammi have a FEW minutes to play and explore the wooden train. Then we were off to the big kids playground.

We had a picnic at the park so we put Danielle and Suzy in my stroller, when Vicki and I saw them we laughed and laughed. Vicki said it looked like Danielle was climbing up Suzy. Maybe they were trying to escape the stroller hahaha
One morning when we were getting ready to go. With 6 kids it took an hour to get ready to drive 5 minutes down the road. I would like to say that the 2 youngest took the most time to get ready for. I told Vicki today that she needed me for a maid and the she should buy the other side of her house and we would move there. haha She was looking for her cell phone while we were talking on it, I suggested she look at her ear for it. Ah the joys of being a mother that has not had enough sleep in the last year.

We got to take the kids to a park called Knoble's. It was fun until the 3 kids in this picture wanted to go on the big Ferris Wheel and Vicki said that I should go with them. Have I mentioned that I am afraid of heights. In fact anyone who went on our mountain hike about 9 years ago would know that. I got to this point in the hike up the mountain that you had to climb a TELEPHONE POLE ladder and to your left was nothing but a beautiful view. I did not go all the way up I didn't even get to the top of the mountain. SO I guess you could say that instead of 46'r or 49'r I am a 1/2'r. Anyway we survived the Ferris wheel and the kids had fun.