Monday, November 24, 2008

Once again the animals in our life are causing havoc. When we moved over here to my hometown, Beth really wanted a puppy. So Earl in the interest of getting into the rabbit hunting again got her a beagle. She has had 2 litters so far that we knew the father ect.. Well when she came in heat this last time we had a 3:00am visitor ,that until yesterday, we thought had just said hi and left. A big black Lab had mated with our little Beagle. So Sat. at about 9:00 pm she went into labor. And cried and howled the WHOLE night, because the first puppy got stuck in the birth canal. So at 7:00 am Earl called the vet and rushed her to the Vet ER to have some help. Now Earl has been around animals most of his adult life at least and had even taken one of the mail in course about being a Vet, so he tried most of the night to help Copper (beagle). To no avail. She wound up having to have a c-section then got spayed because the puppies had stretched her uterus to the point of never having puppies again without killing her. They are all black with some white and brown little spots for what I have seen. Copper is a very protective mother, 3 boys and 1 girl. By the way I have never been the only one pregnant in my house. I have always had at least one or two animals that are expecting at the same time. While it doesn't seem fair that they only get 1 to 2 months pregnancy then its over for them at least we humans are not like elephants who have a pregnancy of 23 months. Yes I am complaining but my sugars have been 200-260 and it makes me feel VERY ucky. Though I must say on the positive note that Suzy moving is the most wonderful thing, even though she is laying with her head over my left hip and the rest of her towards my right hip, Beth ans Sammi were already head down by this time.
By the way did I metion that Earl was going to have 9 days off in a row :0) Down to 7 days, thankfully he is home because Momma and the pups can't be outside because of the 8 degrees and 15 degrees weather that we are having at night.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I had to go and have glucose test done yesterday and I found out the results today. For a 1 hour test my blood sugar came back 201 (this was the 6th time that I have had this test done in the last 8 years, 3x's with Beth, 2x's with Sammi, and 1x with Suzy). So I will be going to see the diabetes Dr on Dec. 1st and I went to the Dr tonight for my sore throat that I have had for 8 days. It is due to sinus drainage, but my prenatal nurse wanted to make sure that it wasn't strep. So now I have to take Benedryl and Tylenol and suck on Halls cough drops. This is the longest that I have had a sore throat in the longest while. Earl has the next 9 days off for vacation. He said it was to bad that he had to spend it in Rutland, haha.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Greetings from the 35 year old. I thought I would blog about my birthday. First Earl Beth Sam and I have been surviving a weird cold, sinus and throats that hurts (not the typical sore throat, it only hurts when we swallow or move our heads),and extremely tired no cough, no runny noses just a weird cold. Then I heard yesterday that Mono was going around down here, I have no idea what the symptoms to that could be. So I didn't feel to bad yesterday so we got school done, then did laundry and watched movies ate lunch and laid in bed. In the afternoon I really felt yucky, very tired, blurry eyed and all that jazz. I tried to take a nap but 3 people came to the door so the nap didn't happen. I still felt bad and decided to take my blood sugar at 4:00 it was 256 I about had a fit. So I started drinking water and I went out to feed the dogs. I wanted to go for a walk but it was spitting snow and the kids have the same cold as me. I found when it gets to high if I can do some exercise then it gets better, faster. In an hour it was down to 214, but I really need to be a pill and insist on the Dr. doing my blood test. I hadn't eaten since 12:00 and that was my sugar at 4:00.
Then at 6:30 I went to a spa party that my friend had. It was fun!! I would have loved to get the products but selling my children seemed a steep price. Beth went with me to play with her friend and in the end got to try some of the products. I will say that they were great products just about $100 out of my price range. Sammi stayed home with Earl and watched Dora.
Tonight Sammi and I are supposed to do somethings together, but we need to get milk and that usually involves the whole family. Because our truck is not working right now and when someone goes to town the whole family wants to go.
On the 15th our firefighters had a turkey dinner to sell to the community. I went down to the elementary school to get it to go. When I opened my car door the wind caught it and whipped it so hard the the henge's are bent and the door panel got bent and now it won't close or open all the way. Have you ever tried to squeeze a pregnant belly into a space of 10 inches. NOT easy!!
Poor Earl has to hold the door for 40 min morning and night to get to work. My brother said he would try to fix it but we don't know what year that will be.
And that is my birthday. I got money from my Dad and brother. And Earl said that he was still thinking about what to get me and if I could pick something out that would help. I just love he guy!!! This is actually except for the spa party a typical birthday, since my Mom died.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!
Half way through my 30 wahhhh!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Well we are having another little girl. And for those of you who might say "They've been wrong before", it may be true but our little ones ultrasound makes it very sure that it is a girl. We have been very worried about not having a girl name picked out for the last few days. Beth wanted us to come up with one because she wants to talk to the baby and call her by name. We have been throwing names back and forth a few of the names have been- Jean, Faith, Emma, Anna, Catherine, Grace, Sara, but each time the name just fell short of what we really wanted. So we have decided our newest little Bickford will be called
Susannah Kay Bickford
and we will nickname her Suzy or as Earl calls her Suzy Q. By the way this gives Gene and Gana a bakers dozen of grandchildren. HAHA. The Dr told me that the c-section will take place at 38 weeks so that I will not go into labour and take the chance of my uterus ripping (Because of having a c-section with Sammi). If he does it on exactly the 38th week it will be March Fri 13th. That should help me remember easily, but we don't know as yet if that will be the day or not.
I have been feeling great. No sickness, a little tired but that could be because of the girls and school and everything. I will say if one more person asks me if I am disappointed because it is not a boy I'm gonna scream. Yes we would have liked a boy but are very happy with what God has decided to give us. Besides I know about girls and I was feeling very anxious because all the little boys down here are WILD!!!!!
Have a great day, it is now time for my Sunday afternoon nap. Love ya all!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We are having a GIRL !!!!!

My heart is heavy this morning. I was greated by my husband with the words of who won the presidential election. At first I was so disappointed, but then my thoughts went to the thoughts of all the prayers that have been poured out before the throne of God in the past months about the outcome of this election. This outcome was not a surprise to our Father He knows exactly what would happen and even though it doesn't look good, our Father is in control. No matter who our president is our Father God is still in control. Now we as Christians have to make sure to pray for President Bush in his last months in office and then for our future president Obama. I don't have to like the choice but I do have to obey the Bible and pray for his decisions ect.. So now is the time to pour out our hearts to our Father and remember that God is in control.