Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sammi loved her pots and pans from Christmas. Almost every day since she has washed them and made "soup". It was 55 here yesterday it doesn't feel like winter at all. I found my gift certificate that I was thought lost. We are still waiting on the MP3 player. I put all of my Christmas decorations away Thursday, reaaranged things in my kitchen and rearranged my house (year round) decorations. I was able to add a new black bear and a moose and bear kleenex holder to my pretties.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bethany asked me to put a picture of her newest 'daughter' on the blog. Santa delivered this new baby Christmas morning.

Sammi also got twin babies. As you can tell from the picture she could have cared less. Sammi really didn't care for Christmas package opening time. It seem to over whelm her and make her very upset

I got a MP3 player that I have been asking for (for a very long time) and much to my and Earl's dismay it turned on once and refused to work anymore. Even after trying 14 new batteries it refused to work. Then to console myself I went to find my $25 gift certficate that my Dad got me only to find that when we were cleaning up the Christmas wrapppings at Dad's house, someone accidently put it in the bags to be burned. Which Earl had done right away to be helpful. Thankfully I called the store where Dad got the certificate and the lady said that it was OK I could still come over and pick something out, but if I found the certificate to get rid of it. And Earl is hot on the trail of the company that he bought the player from.

Christmas was good, but Mom was sorely missed. I realized that the reason why Christmas was always so good for me was Mom made sure of it. Dad did a great job without her help, but Mom will always be hard to out do. So if your Mom is still with you tell her today how much you love her and appreciate her, you never know when she might go home to heaven.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I was going through my picture archives and found this picture from when we took the girls to a bull riding event at our county fair this summer. I love the outline of the girls with their pigtails.

Tomorrow Sammi will be having her tonsil and adnoids out remeber us in prayer. Daddy Earl has to work and is not happy at not being able to be there with Sammi.